Our Vision: A world innovating faster together
on the problems that matter.




Engineers doing their most creative work without the frictions of bureaucratic decision-making and inefficient meetings.



Growing professionally and personally by working with other exceptional engineers in tackling challenging problems.

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Making the kind of impact on other organizations and people that make every day fulfilling.



Optimistic, curious, humble, generous, transparent, and in control of our own destiny. That's Manifold.

"Manifolders are people who crave knowledge and discussion, often sharing interesting information because it triggered their sense of wonder. You will never stop learning and improving here."
Rachel Lomasky
Director, Machine Learning

Imagine your best weeks as an engineer—flow, breakthroughs, inventions.
What if every week could be like that?

Impactful Work

Others will actively use what you create.

We discover and develop software products—not research, not Powerpoint presentations, not Jupyter Notebooks. The most exciting part of the product development lifecycle is getting to v1 or v2, rather than v77 of a system that has been running for years. Because we partner with global companies, your code will affect thousands to millions of people.

Your work may even result in patents; several have already been filed and awarded based on our efforts.

"My work excites me every day. I get to see the direct translation of my ideas into performant systems that I can be proud of."
Jason Carpenter
Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Two people sitting side-by-side pair programming

New Products & Modern Tools

You will ship new products and use a variety of cutting-edge tools.

Our teams regularly work on new products, across data engineering, machine learning, and machine learning engineering. You’ll experience the entire product development lifecycle.

You’ll work with modern tools and applications, including Python and the PyData stack (including NumPy, Pandas, sklearn, SciPy, OpenCV), Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, MLflow, Dask, PyTorch, Airflow, AWS (including tools such as Athena, Redshift, BigQuery, and ElasticSearch), Azure, Google Cloud (including tools such as TensorFlow), Apache Beam, Spark, and Kafka.

You’ll also gain insight into how to connect technical work to vertical-specific business processes, perhaps leading to software and ML-oriented company creation ideas.

Deep Work

We think deeply about problems to arrive at breakthrough solutions.

To enable you to do your best work, we minimize interruptions that take away from your ability to think deeply about problems. While meetings sometimes really are the best way to communicate, we try to keep them to a minimum. We have a culture that is largely writing-driven (for reasons that are similar to what's articulated here) to ensure that we are being efficient with our time.

"I love getting to work with cutting-edge technologies, and to learn independently with support from very experienced colleagues."
Joseph Goldbeck
Staff Data Engineer
"I'm queen of the workaholics, but that's just not wanted (or desired) here. The work/life balance has been surprisingly transformative."
Meghan Blanchette
Director, Content & Communications
"My peers who work in other software companies are surprised by the efficiency of work that gets done here, and how little unnecessary process and meetings I have to go through compared with their experience."
Dragos Velicanu
Senior Data Engineer
Top Quartile Salaries

We benchmark our compensation framework to market every year using the same data that large companies use. We make sure we’re paying in the top 25% for every role. We do this on an ongoing basis, so there's no burden to negotiate.

Work Smarter, Not Longer

We believe that doing creative, deep work requires working smarter—not longer—both as individuals and as a team. By removing extraneous meetings and interruptions, we're able to keep to a reasonable work week, with only the occasional push.

Top-Tier Health Insurance

Manifold offers a platinum-tier medical PPO, as well as a robust dental PPO and vision policy for you and your family. Manifold pays 80% and you pay 20%.

Vacations and Leave

Manifold offers flexible paid time-off, including self-managed vacation, personal, and sick days. If you need time away, take it. We know that we do our best deep work when we're healthy and recharged.

Parental Leave and Support

New parents may take up to 12 weeks of leave at 100% paid salary following the birth or adoption of their child. Ongoing, we support flexible work arrangements to help team members balance family priorities with work.

401(k) Retirement Plan

Manifold automatically contributes 3% to your retirement plan in addition to your salary, with no vesting schedule or other gotchas—just simple and straightforward. You can contribute in addition to that.


Manifold provides a flexible environment for work-life integration. We focus on getting done what you promised and leave it to you to attend to your personal and professional commitments.

Part-Time Possibilities

We offer part-time employment that only requires you to work the hours that you want. If you are at a life stage where you would like to work 40% or 60% of your time, we have a unique ability to offer that.

"I'm proud of the high standard of work we hold ourselves to—while also building very human relationships with each other and with our customers. We inspire each other to keep getting better."
Julie Steele
Director, Marketing Communications

Professional Growth

We give you opportunities to build your personal network and grow your own knowledge.

We actively invest in your growth—team members have been part of patent filings, academic publications, open source contributions, and of course, blog posts, magazine articles, and speaking at events. You’ll be surrounded by other exceptional engineers, helping you to grow professionally and personally.

We aim to make everyone 10x engineers through deliberate practice of making better decisions. We are particularly keen on mental models—both generally and around building data products in general. As an example, read about our Lean AI process.


Explore the books, articles, and papers we've found valuable to our team development and discussions on our Bookshelf.