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Working at Manifold
We ship products at the nexus of
biomedical data, software, and AI.
We are scientists and engineers working at the intersection of biomedical data, software, and AI.. We bring the curiosity and mathematical depth of a scientific lab along with the pragmatism and engineering depth of a technology company. We discover, design, prototype, and ship high-value products at this new nexus of innovation.
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Manifold team
We are Customer Centric.
We take a humble approach to product development. We strive to deeply understand the users of our product — their workflows, issues, and desires — and then iteratively build software to solve their problems. We like to succeed, and we like it when our customers succeed, too.
We are Curious.
We value teaching and learning from each other about best practices, as well as approaches to a variety of multi-disciplinary problems. We aim to make everyone 10x engineers through the deliberate practice of making better decisions and continuous improvement. Explore some of the foundational frameworks and ideas that make us Manifold.
We are MACROmanagers.
When someone says they'll get their work done, we trust them. We are a people-first company, with a commitment to a high trust environment — we prioritize a healthy work-life balance with a focus on remote work. We offer flexible paid time off so work and life commitments can comfortably coexist, because we know that we do our best work when we're healthy and recharged.
We are Pragmatic.
We build software embracing the new software supply chain — both open-source and commercial. Our practical approach allows us to construct scalable, purpose-built products quickly.
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How we work
Andy Song, General Counsel & Vice President, Corporate Development
We Love Deep Work!
We believe that doing creative, deep work requires working smarter—not longer—both as individuals and as a team. To that end, we value writing because it helps us reason more clearly and be more efficient with our time, as articulated here. While meetings sometimes really are the best way to communicate, we try to minimize interruptions that take away from your ability to think deeply about problems.
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We Prioritize Velocity with Intention
We are a small, nimble, high-performing team. We build world-class products fast. We love to ship and believe this is one of our core competitive advantages. We like to get things out to the market ASAP and get feedback from customers.
Jason carpenter, engineering manager
We Use a Modern Data Stack
We work with a modern tech stack, with Python as our language of choice. We are cloud-centric, deploying to AWS, and leveraging tools such as Snowflake, ElasticSearch, Airflow, and Spark. We are Docker-first, build infrastructure with Terraform, and generally run on serverless infrastructure. Our user-facing applications typically pair React with FastAPI. Our ML is done with the PyData stack.
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Trusted Collaborations
We respect each other's authority and expertise. We give each other the benefit of the doubt. We are confident in our ideas. We are willing to collaborate because we trust that others are motivated by the team and company success. At Manifold, we value writing so we can reason more clearly and be more efficient with our time, as articulated here.
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Remote First, But Connected

Manifold gives a generous stipend to outfit your home office with the tools you need — from a standing desk, to peripherals, to subsidized high-speed internet. At the same time, we make it easy for groups to get together on a regular basis with a nationwide WeWork membership and regular off-site meetings.

Remote team locations map
We're Also Human
We are a team of smart people working on difficult problems—but that doesn't mean we don't have fun together! We are parents, mountaineers, musicians, gamers, avid readers, pet parents, pilots, sailors, and like to debate topics from the best way to index metadata to stir vs. no-stir peanut butter.
Our Benefits
Manifold offers multiple medical plans to choose from, including a platinum-tier medical PPO, as well as a robust dental PPO and vision policy for you and your family. On average, Manifold covers 80% of the monthly premium.
Manifold automatically contributes 3% to your retirement plan in addition to your salary, with no vesting schedule or other gotchas. You can contribute in addition to that.
New parents may take up to 12 weeks of leave at 100% paid salary following the birth or adoption of their child. We also support flexible work arrangements to help team members balance family priorities with work.
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