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Vinay Seth Mohta

CEO & Co-Founder

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Vivek Mohta, PhD

President & Co-Founder

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Sourav Dey, PhD

Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder

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Rajendra Koppula

VP, Machine Learning & Co-Founder

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Jakov Kucan, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

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Andy Song

Chief Operating Officer

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Chris McMahon

Chief People Officer

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Cat Pierson

VP, Research Partnerships

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Rebecca Marks

VP, Delivery

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Kelly Kazmierczak

VP, Product

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Sam Hitov

VP, Engineering

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John Maynard

VP, Product Design

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Jonathan Mates, MD

Medical Director

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Jason Skypeck

VP, Finance

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Danielle Kowalski

VP, Legal

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Alex Akers

VP, Growth

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