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Biomedical AI

Collect, organize, and analyze multimodal biomedical data
to accelerate and improve precision health

Streamline your multimodal biomedical data workflows with Manifold

Organize your work. Our workbenches allow your organization to bookkeep research artifacts, from documents to computational experiments so that you can build on others work.

Manifold is a single place to collect, organize, and analyze multimodal biomedical data, together.

Our Approach

Stop doing software development and start doing more science. Work faster using our large library of purpose-built tools.

Bridge the Technical Divide

Break down silos between computational and biomedical researchers. Collaborate better using our integrated suite.

AI-Enabled Workflows

Unlock insights faster with the power of AI. Interact in novel ways with your data using LLMs and computer vision.

Open Architecture

Move quickly by leveraging the open science ecosystem. Use our curated collection of data and tools or bring your own.

Explore Science Cloud
We offer services to get the most value from your multimodal biomedical data.

Implementation Services

Our white-glove service ensures that our software helps your team achieve their goals.

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Research Services

From large language models to dynamical system modeling, we can help fast track your research.

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AI Transformation

We bring together the talent, training, and change management to effect the transformation of your processes.

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