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As one of the few companies that does cutting-edge data engineering and machine learning—and is not a venture-backed product company or a large global brand—we often get questions from candidates that broadly fall under the umbrella of: “Why Manifold?”

This document answers that question; in it, we’ve identified some of the reasons we’ve encountered for why Manifold may (or may not) be a good fit for you. We hope you find it helpful!

Build Impactful Data Products

  • We deliver production software—not research, not Powerpoint presentations, not Jupyter Notebooks.
  • We love going “zero to one.” We believe the most exciting part of the product development lifecycle is getting to v1 or v2 for our clients—not v77 of a system that has been running for years.
  • To create that new product, our teams work through the entire data product development lifecycle—from strategy, to architecting, to prototyping, to deployment. Our clients vary substantially in their starting point; some come to us with “Can you help me do AI?”, while others are research scientists who need help in applying deep learning to model a complex dynamic system.
  • Your work will actually be used by a large number of people. Our clients are Fortune 2000 companies. Products that are used in production environments at their organizations affect thousands to millions of people.
  • We perform deep technical work in data engineering and machine learning—we have filed several patents with our clients based on our work with them.

Diverse Work

  • You’ll work on new client products every few months, giving you a breadth of experience across data engineering, machine learning, and machine learning engineering. You will have an opportunity to work on product development in areas as diverse as signal processing to traditional retail.
  • You’ll gain insight into vertical-specific business processes that are fertile ground for software and ML-oriented company creation ideas.
  • Our recent projects include:
    • Healthcare/pharma: developing personalized chemotherapy dosing models.
    • Consumer electronics: smart mattresses and augmented reality.
    • Media: recommender system for consumer preferences.
    • Telecom: adaptive wireless networking and reinforcement learning.
  • Check out our case studies to learn more.

Craftsman Culture

  • Machine learning and data engineering is our business—we don't do anything else. Imagine a company built by engineers, for engineers.
  • We build our environment to facilitate deep work. We try to minimize interruptions that take away from your ability to think deeply about problems. We have a writing-driven culture (for reasons that are similar to what's articulated here) to ensure that we are being efficient with our time and only discussing topics when discussion is appropriate: after significant cognitive work has already been done.
  • We aim to make everyone 10x engineers through deliberate practice of making better decisions. We are particularly keen on mental models—both generally and around building data products in general. As an example, read about our Lean AI process.

Experience High-Growth Company Building

  • We expect to double every year for the next four years.
  • You’ll experience professional opportunities that are only available in high growth organizations, as well as learn how to address challenges that are unique to this environment.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to directly work with the level of senior talent you usually only find at big companies, but in a small company environment. We have amazing advisors and we collaborate with academic and industry partners.

Build your Brand, Build our Brand

  • Manifold’s brand is a sum of every individual’s personal brand. We emphasize and support reading, writing, and public speaking for our entire team. Team members have been part of patent filings, academic publications, open source contributions, and of course, blog posts, magazine articles, and speaking at events.


  • Manifold provides a flexible environment for work-life integration. We focus on getting done what you promised and leave it to you to attend to your personal and professional commitments.
  • We offer part-time employment that only requires you to work the hours that you want. If you are at a life stage where you would like to work 40% or 60% of your time, we have a unique ability to offer that.


  • Base compensation that is 75th percentile, no negotiation required.
  • Unlimited PTO.
  • Platinum tier health, dental, and vision benefits.
  • 3% automatic contribution by Manifold to your 401(k).

Why Not Manifold?

Sometimes, folks do prefer an alternative to Manifold; here are some of the patterns we’ve seen.

  • You would prefer 99th percentile base compensation, rather than 75th percentile. You accept the trade-offs required in terms of hours, stress, and travel.
  • You would prefer to focus on research, rather than to focus on client challenges.
  • You would prefer a company that is receiving more tech press coverage for raising money, rather than one that primarily helps clients quietly.
  • You would prefer a global brand on your resume.