Wassaf Farooqi

Director, Engineering

Wassaf Farooqi is Director of Engineering at Manifold. In this capacity, he oversees our engineering efforts in the Manifold Boston office to ensure smooth delivery of client projects and to help our East Coast engineers continue to build their skills.

Prior to Manifold, Wassaf lead an engineering team at Kyruus, a venture-backed software company that offers a data-driven platform and suite of products to better match patients and physicians. In addition to helping build a data platform with a pipeline that aggregated over 1000 healthcare data sources and provided a large-scale infrastructure for doing data science, Wassaf built up a team of over two dozen high-performing engineers. He delivered multiple customer-facing applications to the enterprise and consumer—including public-facing web applications, mobile apps, and APIs. He drove a broad microservice architecture, entirely hosted on AWS and written in Python, to enable quick delivery to production and a strong test strategy. It also enabled his team to work on various initiatives with autonomy. In addition, he helped shape the engineering culture with hackathons where engineers could explore new ideas, and team “Lunch and Learns” where they could share technologies and practices of interest.

Wassaf previously worked as a Software Engineer at Hubspot, where he focused on enabling the engineering organization to scale. He worked with engineering teams across the organization to enable a high level of quality through the development of test automation platforms, easy integration with CI/CD pipelines, and metrics to help the teams to evaluate their software development quality. While his mission was largely technical, Wassaf maintained a constant focus on the overall organizational mission and how his team was engaged in serving that larger set of goals, and mitigated rigor with a sense of humor.

These experiences and more made Wassaf an excellent software engineer with a solid background in data engineering—but more than that, they encouraged him to focus on a holistic view of the problem and how to deliver value at the level of the whole organization. He is an engineering leader with a proven track record of delivery for complex SaaS solutions, and has demonstrated the ability to manage multiple product lines while maintaining a high level of quality. “I enjoy working with teams to build software that delights customers,” says Wassaf. “Working with great people and making our clients successful is what gets me up in the morning.”

Wassaf earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Northeastern University. In addition to running our East Coast engineering operations, he also runs our official Cat Cam on the days he works from home—we also welcome feline coworkers Cygnus and Pisces to the team.



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