Vinay Seth Mohta

CHief Executive Officer

Vinay Seth Mohta is CEO at Manifold. In this capacity, he oversees and coordinates our engagement strategy, enabling us to solve large, complex problems for our clients. He is also building out an East Coast office for our team, based in the Boston metro area.

Prior to Manifold, Vinay was co-founder and CTO at Kyruus, a venture-backed software company that offers a data-driven platform to better match patients and physicians. The product has been licensed and deployed into production by many large health systems. The platform Vinay helped build consisted of a data pipeline that aggregated over 1000 healthcare data sources (both batch and streaming), cleansed the data, used entity resolution and rule-based techniques to combine data, and then provided a large-scale infrastructure for doing data science as well as search, and relational queries. This data pipeline also used insights derived from claims data, both publicly available data and data licensed from commercial data vendors. Vinay is a co-inventor on several patent applications that the company has filed.

Vinay has also been a product manager at KAYAK, where he worked with both Hadoop and Hive to develop a robust view of their customers which could be used for predicting customer behavior. He also developed a predictive model for flight pricing. Before that, Vinay was an architect at Endeca Technologies, where he worked in the engineering team that developed new data structures and indexing technologies to enable search and faceted navigation. He is a co-inventor on several granted patents for search and faceted navigation, including a system and method for information retrieval from object collections with complex interrelationships, and a hierarchical data-driven search and navigation system and method for information retrieval.

Over his career, Vinay has helped to build several companies that developed data and analytics infrastructure. In our AI work at Manifold, we continue to see new tools, techniques, and hardware develop every month, which results in the evolution of the solutions one can assemble with these components. Vinay is the perfect fit to help our company maintain a high bar for excellence despite a constantly shifting landscape.

“I feel like I've grown up with data, and I love working with it,” he says. “I'm a technologist at heart, and part of the reason I have continued to be excited about this area of software and computer science is its continued rapid evolution over the last 20 years.”

Vinay will also be a key thought-leader for our company, particularly around the impact of cutting-edge AI on areas such as healthcare and industrial IoT. He is a sought-after article author and speaker at industry conferences and events. Vinay received his Bachelors of Science and Masters in Engineering from the Massachusetts Insitute of Technology (MIT).



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