Sourav Dey

Chief TechnOLOGY Officer

Dr. Sourav Dey is a co-founder of Manifold and our CTO. In this capacity, he manages engineering activities at our Silicon Valley headquarters in Oakland, California, serving as a Technical Lead on a range of client projects, as well as recruiting and onboarding new hires. He is also a key thought leader for our company, writing and speaking about the core tenets of our approach (such as Lean AI) as well as the technical details of our work (such as Mixed Effect Random Forests and our open source, Docker-first data science package, Orbyter).

Prior to Manifold, Sourav has developed a deep experience as an algorithms engineer, both in the wireless world and in the software world. This background includes stints as a Staff Engineer at Google working on Nest thermostats and security cameras, as a Principal Data Scientist at AutoGrid working on power grid data analytics, as a Principal Engineer at Ingenu working on their IoT platform, and as a Senior Engineer at Qualcomm working on wireless chips. This decade and a half of sophisticated technical experience has given him not only a large dose of real-world know-how, but also the kind of judgement that only comes from having seen things go right and wrong in varying circumstances over time.

As a consummate engineer, Sourav loves building. His career trajectory has led him from building software to building a company, including a culture in which both Manifold's employees and our clients thrive. But he also cherishes doing the hands-on technical work he has always excelled at. “The main thread I want to carry forward is building value,” he says. “My favorite days are still the ones where I can be at the whiteboard talking about nitty gritty technical things with my colleagues, and really deeply understanding something.”

Sourav is the author of over a dozen papers and patents for his work on intrusion detection, user similarity, and wireless. He has been published in several IEEE journals, and has won numerous awards. Sourav holds PhD, MS, and BS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and was a Paul and Daisy Soros Fellow in 2002.

When he's not working on machine learning, Sourav can often be found running after his 4-year-old daughter or hiking in the wilderness.



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