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Computational Scientists
More science, less DevOps
Stop doing cloud engineering, and start doing more bioinformatics. Work with familiar tools in scalable compute environments. Build apps to collaborate more effectively.
  • Collaborate better with your wet lab counterparts
  • Analyze large datasets without onerous cloud engineering
  • Quickly find the data you need
  • Move faster using our customizable library of data, pipelines, and apps
Key Features
Spin up powerful compute instances with one click
Develop using familiar tools like JupyterLab, RStudio, and NextFlow
Enrich with at-the-ready databases like dbSNP, Reactome, COSMIC
Build bioinformatics applications using our large library of templates
Flexibility to bring your own data, tools, models, and software
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Our mission is to accelerate and improve precision health by building easy-to-use, purpose-built software.

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