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Cancer Centers
Who are You?
You are a leader in a cancer center. You are part of a group of brilliant researchers and clinicians. You have been at the forefront of generating and using multi-modal data for research and clinical care, including imaging, genomic sequences, and “multi-omics.“ You have won grants, you publish in leading journals, you are helping to bring therapies, diagnostics, and new care protocols to patients, while advancing the scientific mission.
Your Challenges
As data volumes continue to increase, new assays are developed, and new open source and commercial computation capabilities are released, scientists and clinical researchers have been increasingly asked to spend their time and their budget on manually managing data and redoing analyses rather than advancing science. Time spent on this work takes away from your team being able to focus on what they are really good at - posing and exploring scientific questions at the forefront of cancer research.
How the Science Cloud can Help
The Manifold Science Cloud Cancer Center software suite is purpose-built software that provides end-to-end integrated workflows to manage data, cut cohorts, and accelerate research collaboration with the latest computational infrastructure and algorithms. The applications and underlying platform are designed to address the following:
  • Data Management: e.g. finding data, combining and aggregating data, determining appropriateness for research questions, harmonizing and cleaning data for research
  • Analysis: e.g. redoing analyses with updated data, configuring off the shelf open source to work in their environment, waiting for slow computations to complete
  • People Management: e.g. searching for bioinformaticists to recruit, learning about how to recruit software engineers and cloud engineers, maintaining and managing large teams of bioinformaticists and engineers
  • Research Collaboration: e.g. sharing data securely with appropriate access controls, supporting analyst and research collaborations and conversations efficiently, iterating on data exploration, reusing collaborators' work
Manifold's software suite reduces the amount of time your analysts, bioinformaticists, biostatisticians, and researchers spend fighting data and fighting limiting tools. Instead, you can empower them to focus on posing novel questions and developing new techniques to advance cancer prevention and cures.
Learn more about how the Science Cloud can help your cancer center advance its research mission.
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