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Who are You?
You are a scientific leader in your company. Your research organization is commercializing breakthrough science and charting new territory to get therapies and diagnostics to patients and providers.
Your Challenges
As data volumes continue to increase, new assays are developed, and new open source and commercial computation capabilities are released, scientists and clinical researchers have been increasingly asked to spend time and money on manually managing data that worked for smaller scales of data. Time spent on this work takes away from your team being able to focus on what they are really good at - posing and exploring scientific questions that span biology, chemistry, and data science.

Additionally, you need capital agility and don't want to build up a large team to develop bespoke computational infrastructure that will then have to simply maintain that infrastructure while you wait for the science to read out.
How the Science Cloud can Help
The Manifold Science Cloud Biotech Research Software Suite helps early stage biotech companies get up and running faster and modernizes existing data management infrastructure for scalability. The purpose built and easy-to-use software bridges the data needs for researchers while maintaining the security and traceability needs of the business. The applications and underlying platform are designed to address the following:
  • Data Management: e.g. finding data, combining and aggregating data, harmonizing and cleaning data for scalable research and data science
  • Analysis: e.g. redoing analyses with updated data, configuring off the shelf open source to work in your environment
  • People Management: e.g. searching for bioinformaticists to recruit, learning about how to recruit software engineers and cloud engineers, maintaining and managing large teams of bioinformaticists and engineers
  • Research Collaboration: e.g. traceable systems and workflows to ensure your data and code is compliant, auditable, and clinical submission ready
Manifold's software suite empowers your analysts, bioinformaticists, biostatisticians, and researchers to focus on advancing their science and exploring novel questions. Gone are the days of spending weeks preparing data for research and data science and worrying about how your systems will scale to meet your team's needs.
Learn more about how the Science Cloud can help increase efficiency and provide capital agility for your R&D organization.
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