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Biobanks and Registries
Who are You?
You are building and operating a population- or disease-focused cohort study or a registry to drive faster scientific progress to advance human health.

You have won grants, you publish in leading journals, you are helping to bring therapies and diagnostics to patients, and you are advancing the scientific mission.
Your Challenges
You have to coordinate everything from enrollment for the study to keeping participants engaged for multiple years to gathering biospecimens and data to then advancing the science and publishing research.

It's a lot, but you know how to inspire people and manage an organization. However, your tools are limited: laptops with email, spreadsheets, and documents and analysis software that runs on a machine. You know that there's a world of cloud computing and you are looking ahead to the latest science that incorporates multimodal longitudinal data that spans phenotypic data like electronic medical records (EMR) and patient reported outcomes (PRO) as well as data from imaging, multiomics from new assays and instruments, and telemetry from wearables.
How the Science Cloud can Help
The Manifold Science Cloud cohort study software suite is purpose-built software that provides end-to-end integrated workflows and data management to help you power your registries and studies. The software suite helps administrators and scientific leaders simplify their operations while engaging participants, managing their bio-specimens and data, and advancing leading research. The applications and underlying platform are designed to:
  • Streamline manual workflows by bringing together the full end-to-end processes of your team, freeing up team member time for higher value tasks such as engaging with participants and collaborating with researchers.
  • Simplify the management of multiple substudies that increase the value of the biorepository and generated scientific data.
  • Optimize the usability of your data and metadata by making it findable, accessible, and interoperable.
  • Eliminate housekeeping tasks such as bookkeeping multiple versions of data, applying common algorithms to preprocess data, and dynamically scaling computational resources to support data management, analytics, and research. These capabilities are all available out of the box with simple configuration to control this functionality.
With this compelling cohort, biospecimens, and data, your team will be able to accelerate our collective understanding of human health. They will publish more science and unlock the full potential of your registry. In addition to deeper research and more research, your team will further engage the participant cohort to better maintain long-term relationships and further contribute to this research.
Learn more about how the Science Cloud can help your biobank and disease registry accelerate our understanding of human health.
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