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The Science Cloud

An AI-powered cloud for multimodal biomedical data.


FAIRify your research assets using our NLP-driven search, metadata management, and research-centric knowledge graph.

Catalog Everything
All of the research assets are automatically indexed in our purpose-built knowledge graph making them easy to discover. Enrich the contextual understanding of the assets by annotating it with tribal knowledge, or mapping it to standard vocabularies and ontologies.
Find Research Assets Quickly
Our AI-assisted search allows you to interact with your data in a more natural way, making it simpler to locate raw datasets, derived datasets, data applications, and understand them their context. Our platform helps you FAIRify your research, so you can spend more time analyzing and less time searching.
Track Computational Experiments
We log computational runs—from simple regressions to long-running machine learning jobs—for better reproducibility. Lightweight task-tracking enables better coordination on complex experimental plans. Focus on analysis instead of bookkeeping, and achieve better outcomes for your research.
Govern Data with Ease
You can privately share workspaces with collaborators and use attribute-based access control for fine-grained sharing of data. Our platform is SOC2- and HIPAA-compliant, ensuring your data is always protected.
What’s Your Role?

Learn more about the benefits and key features of the Science Cloud based on your role.

Biomedical Scientists
Collaborate across the computational divide
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Computational Scientists
Spend more time doing science and less time doing devops
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Data Stewards
FAIRify your organization’s data using knowledge graphs and AI
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Our mission is to accelerate and improve precision health by building easy-to-use, purpose-built software.

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