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The Science Cloud

An AI-powered cloud for multimodal biomedical data.


Centralize your data onto a single platform and transform it into standardized models for more streamlined analysis.

Collect Multi-Modal Data Sources
Use our library of ingestors to move your private data into a central location—from ‘omics files to clinical records to histopathology images.
Enrich with Open Databases
Enrich your data with datasets such as ClinVar, dbSNP, Reactome, COSMIC, UniProt, and more. Ingest public data from archives like SRA, GTEx, or TCGA.
Harmonize Data to be Fit-for-Use
Our library of pipelines allows you to harmonize and quality-check ‘omics and clinical data, improving quality, searchability, joinability, and enrichment. AI-assisted transformers can also extract structured data from unstructured sources such as medical records, histopath imagery, and time series.
Bring Your Own Transforms
Our platform provides open interfaces—so you can bring your own pipelines and ML models. Alternatively, you can leverage pipelines from the open science community, like nf-core.
What’s Your Role?

Learn more about the benefits and key features of the Science Cloud based on your role.

Biomedical Scientists
Collaborate across the computational divide
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Computational Scientists
Spend more time doing science and less time doing devops
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Data Stewards
FAIRify your organization’s data using knowledge graphs and AI
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Our mission is to accelerate and improve precision health by building easy-to-use, purpose-built software.

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