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The Science Cloud

An AI-powered cloud for multimodal biomedical data.


Generate insights faster using our no-code data applications, templates, and scalable compute environments.

Collaborate Better
Curate research assets for easy access, keep discussions in context with the ability to comment anywhere, and avoid long email chains. Bring computational, biological, and clinical researchers together to work more efficiently.
Explore without Code
Rapidly shippable data apps allow you to interact directly with the data, even if you are not a computational expert. Don’t wait weeks in a queue for a simple analysis. Get out of Excel and into rich, AI-enabled web applications, developed by your computational collaborators, that you can use to unlock insights.
Analyze at Scale
With just one click, you can spin up powerful compute instances and scale up to the size of your data. Our pre-built environments include common scientific computing tools like JupyterLab, RStudio, NextFlow, and VSCode. Alternatively, you can bring your own environment. All environments come with your data already mounted and security-hardened, so you can stop worrying about devops and start focusing on science.
Build Bioinformatics Apps
Easily build bioinformatics applications so that you can better collaborate with your wet-lab and clinical counterparts. Build with our no-code app builder, or with low-code frameworks like Streamlit and RShiny. Our large library of templates—from RNAseq differential expression analysis to AI-enabled clinico-genomic cohort building—make it so that you don’t have to start from scratch.
What’s Your Role?

Learn more about the benefits and key features of the Science Cloud based on your role.

Biomedical Scientists
Collaborate across the computational divide
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Computational Scientists
Spend more time doing science and less time doing devops
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Data Stewards
FAIRify your organization’s data using knowledge graphs and AI
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Our mission is to accelerate and improve precision health by building easy-to-use, purpose-built software.

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