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Sarah Gray is a Technical Program Manager at Manifold, where she works closely with our customers and the internal team to ensure that projects run smoothly—from managing scope and budget constraints, to resolving non-technical blockers. She has extensive experience working with engineers and setting teams up for success.

Prior to Manifold, Sarah was a Technical Operations Manager at Carimus, where she was responsible for resourcing, forecasting, monitoring, and realizing KPIs for the App/Product business unit. She championed Agile and Scrum, leading biweekly Agile sessions, empowering the teams to decide what works best for them, and transitioning projects across the company to Scrum and Kanban. She also worked as Senior Consulting Project Manager at Melon Technologies, working on a variety of projects, including performing technical review of wireframes and mockups and leading Drupal 7 and 8 projects from start to finish.

Sarah studied Biological Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is a Professional Scrum Master and a Certified Associate in Project Management.