Rajendra Koppula

Director of Machine Learning

Rajendra Koppula is a co-founder of Manifold and our Director of Machine Learning. In this capacity, he is responsible for delivering our best work to our clients. His focus and skill at translating business problems into Machine Learning problems helps to ensure that the platforms and models we build directly serve the clients' core mission and needs. Raj also ensures that we build robust, production-scale data pipelines, and works to continuously advance Manifold's engineering talent so that our clients get the benefits of latest advances from a fast growing field.

Prior to Manifold, Raj was a Staff Engineer in the 3G/4G Cellular Group at Qualcomm, where his work focused on developing statistical and wireless signal processing solutions. Code developed by his team now runs on millions of mobile devices worldwide. Over the course of a decade in that position, he gained a deep technical understanding of mobile and IoT devices—as well as an appreciation for their resource-constrained nature—and learned what it takes to ship products at scale. At the same time, Raj always kept a keen interest in Statistics alive; after witnessing the so-called data deluge and the advances in deep learning from 2012–2014, he decided to shift his focus to machine learning and help start Manifold.

Raj has Master of Science degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Statistics from Northern Illinois University. He also holds multiple professional certifications, including the MIT Big Data certification and the USF Fast.ai Deep Learning certification.



AnacondaCon  Scalable Machine Learning Pipelines with Dask Apr. 3–5
Austin, TX
AnacondaCon  Lean AI for Predictive Maintenance Apr. 8–11
Austin, TX