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Coming Up

Strata San Francisco Streamlining a Machine Learning Project Team

It is imperative to plan for deployment from day one, both in tool selection and in the feedback and development process. In this 3-hour tutorial, Sourav Day and Alex Ng explain how to streamline a machine learning project and help your engineers work as an an integrated part of your development and production teams.

Sourav Dey +
Alex Ng
Mar. 25–28, 2019
San Francisco, CA
Strata San Francisco Applications of Mixed Effect Random Forests

Clustered data is all around us. The best way to attack it? Mixed effect models. This talk explains how the Mixed Effects Random Forests (MERF) model and Python package marries the world of classical mixed effect modeling with modern machine learning algorithms, and how it can be extended to be used with other advanced modeling techniques like gradient boosting machines and deep learning.

Sourav Dey  Mar. 25–28, 2019
San Francisco, CA
O'Reilly AI Conference Executive Briefing: Five Key Questions to Kick Off Your AI Implementation

This talk explains how to evaluate the possibilities offered by AI as you would any other strategic investment. Vinay Seth Mohta outlines five key questions that help identify the sources of business value that should dictate any technology acquisition. He also explains the implications of these questions for your initial AI strategy.

Vinay Seth Mohta Apr. 15–18, 2019
New York, NY