Michael Stefferson

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Dr. Michael Stefferson, PhD, is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Manifold, where he is a machine learning technical lead and builds end-to-end pipelines. Michael has extensive experience in numerical analysis, data science, and software engineering, and is able to leverage a variety of tools when helping customers—including pandas, PyTorch, and AWS Step Functions. Recent projects include building a custom experiment platform using AWS batch and MLFlow for a networking hardware company, as well as a feature ETL pipeline for a medical device company.

Prior to Manifold, Michael was a Data Scientist at Divirod, an environmental services company. There, he worked to design novel fitting routines, implement machine learning algorithms, and streamline the analysis pipeline to allow for remote sensing of soil moisture content. As an AI Fellow with Insight Data Science, Michael worked with city planners in a consulting project for Athens, Greece, and built a custom data pipeline that localized objects in high-resolution satellite images.

Michael has PhD and MS degrees in Physics from the University of Colorado Boulder. He has a BS in Physics and Applied Math from the University of Arizona, where he received awards for excellence in research.