Matyas Tamas

Director, Machine Learning

Matyas Tamas is Director of Machine Learning at Manifold. He uses his extensive background in developing machine learning models that have been deployed at scale in production to inform the design and development of models for all classes of problems faced by our clients.

Prior to Manifold, Matyas co-founded Ontiq, where he developed a data pipeline to cleanse pharmacy data for analysis. He designed and developed machine learning models—including using anomaly detection to analyze patient behavior—to research how different communication patterns with patients might impact patient adherence.

Before Ontiq, Matyas built and led the data science team for Uber's Supply Team, a large sub-organization (100+ members) focused on driver growth, engagement, and retention. He and his team consistently produced high-impact exploratory models and analysis, directly leading to insights in long-term growth and marketplace balance that radically changed the strategy and resource allocation of the Supply Team. Prior to his role at Uber, Matyas created the data science team at Quora. He worked on building Quora's data infrastructure, growth and product analytics, experimentation design, email and notification optimization, and using natural language processing (NLP) to improve the experience on Quora.

Throughout his career, Matyas has worked with diverse data sets and problem-solving techniques, including experiment design, NLP, behavioral analytics and modeling, economic modeling, marketing and attribution modeling. He has been deep experience across the entire execution process, from data engineering (low-level logging, ML and experimentation framework design) to high-impact analytics research and modeling.

Matyas says this broad experience is part of what thrills him about his work. “We have a diversity of customers, in terms of the businesses they are in and the types of ML and data engineering problems they have,” he says. “I love learning about how their business work and working on their unique problems.”

Matyas has a Bachelors of Science in Physics from Caltech.