Manifold Digital Health

Manifold Digital Health is a digital health discovery and development partner for leading life science companies, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations.

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Better, Faster Digital Health R&D

Digital health R&D moves too slowly and is fraught with too many failures. By using the latest tools and methods of computing R&D, we can navigate the idea maze of possibilities and realize the promise of tech-enabled medicine.

The Stakes Are High

The opportunity cost of delayed time-to-market in a fast-changing landscape can measure into the tens of millions of dollars—and even greater still is the cost in delayed patient impact.

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The Status Quo Isn't Working

Hyped digital health initiatives aren’t reading out results and critical public health digital infrastructure is still being botched. For all the promise, the status quo is not working.

Authentic Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration

We believe in authentic multi-disciplinary collaboration between biomedical scientists and computer scientists and engineers, without the noisy promotion in between. We’re in an era of combinatorial innovation, where readily available component parts can be combined and recombined to create many new technologies and solve more problems than ever before—if we can just collaborate effectively.

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Collaborative Programs

Our world-class digital health team leverages our computing R&D tools and methods in collaboration with leading life science companies, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations. The digital health programs being advanced by our collaborators span diverse therapeutic areas, including sleep, cardiometabolic disease, and COVID-19.

Changing Lives With Every Partnership

Computing won’t solve every problem in healthcare. But we can do much better than today. Our goal is to be the most advanced digital health discovery and development partner for organizations advancing human health, and—in partnership with them—change patient lives and transform healthcare.

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