Building AI-powered platforms for organizations advancing human health

Powering Better Patient Outcomes

At the nexus of machine learning and medicine lies the promise of better patient outcomes.

But today, our collective ability to realize this promise is still in its infancy. Data are often fragmented in silos and generated faster than they’re integrated. Scientific results and numerical methods are not easily shared, replicated, or integrated. Valuable inferences are not available at the point of clinical decisions or patient actions.

At Manifold, we build software that lets organizations integrate their data, numerical methods, inferences, and workflows into modern computational and data science platforms. Our software brings the right tools to the researchers, clinicians, and patients who need them most.

While most software companies offer the same software to all customers, we recognize that better patient outcomes require pursuing every research area, disease state, and care pathway in a unique way. The Manifold Foundry enables us to forge differentiated platforms for our customers—in applications ranging from precision oncology and digital diagnostics to digital behavior change and population health.

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Partner with us

At Manifold, our goal is to build the most advanced AI-powered platforms for organizations advancing human health, and—in partnership with them—to change patient lives and transform healthcare.