Justin Chen

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Justin Chen, PhD, is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Manifold, where he is responsible for designing and implementing machine learning systems that can operate at scale. This entails experimenting with different machine learning models, writing and deploying Python code, and setting up AWS infrastructure with our customers. Recent product successes include using Airflow to implement a data pipeline for a pharmaceutical company, and using AWS StepFunctions to deploy production machine learning code for a medical device company.

Prior to Manifold, Justin was an Insight Artificial Intelligence Fellow. There, he worked with an early-stage startup to improve their marketing efforts using a variety of technologies, including Tensorflow and PyTorch. Justin also worked in research at Rice University, where he created new open-source Python packages to learn protein model parameters from experimental data, and discovered a new material that can be chemically tuned between a semiconductor and semimetal.

Justin has PhD and MS degrees in Physics from Rice University. He has a BS in Applied and Engineering Physics from Cornell University.