Joseph Goldbeck

Staff Data Engineer

Joseph Goldbeck is a Staff Data Engineer at Manifold, where he leads data engineering projects—including designing data pipelines, managing deployments, and being the technical point of contact for customers. As a former neuroscientist, understanding, transforming, and exploring data is part of Joe's core skill set. Recent product successes include building a data pipeline framework for a pharmaceutical company.

Prior to Manifold, Joe was a Senior Software Engineer at TetraScience, where he spearheaded projects for enterprise pharmaceutical companies and served as Technical Lead for their core data integration platform. While there, he also led the IoT team through completion and deployment of an application rewrite, improving the stability and security of over 1000 devices across dozens of customers, and made significant improvements to a utilization product that uses time-series power data to report on the use of laboratory instruments. Before his time at TetraScience, Joe was the Lead Developer at FOLD, an open publishing platform. Joe led development across the stack, including designing the technical architecture, managing deployments, and integrating code from contributors.

Joe has a BS in Brain and Cognitive Science from MIT; and a MA in Neuroscience from the University of California–Berkeley, supported by a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.