Jess Ingrassellino was a Senior Software Engineer at Manifold, where she designed and built data pipelines and other backend systems to support product delivery streams for our customers. She has a long career in both tech and education, frequently speaking and writing about building learning organizations, software engineering, and software quality practices.

Prior to Manifold, Jess was an Engineering Manager at InfluxData where she grew a team and managed Telegraf, a popular open-source tool for collecting and sending metrics and events from databases, systems, and IoT sensors. Jess also spent several years at SalesForce, where she was a Director of Quality Assurance—building and managing quality engineering practices and strategy for the non-profit and education clouds. In 2016, she wrote Python Projects for Kids, and continues to develop educational materials.

Jess has an EdD in in Music Teacher Education from Teachers College of Columbia University, as well as a Python for Masters Certificate from Columbia Business School.