Jeff Moore

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Dr. Jeffrey Moore, PhD, is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Manifold, where he prototypes new algorithms and works with both internal and external customer teams to build products. He has several years of experience in numerical analysis, software engineering, and high-performance computing, and is well-versed in a variety of tools—including C++, pandas, and scikit-learn. Recent product successes include the development of a classification model for a Global 100 networking company.

Prior to Manifold, Jeff was an NSF Graduate Research Fellow at the University of Colorado, Boulder. There, he developed open-source software for particle-based physics simulations using Brownian dynamics and kinetic Monte Carlo methods. He was also an ICRU Undergraduate Research Fellow at the University of Iowa, where he used density functional theory to study the physics of single atomic defects in semiconductors for optoelectronics.

Jeff holds an MS and PhD in Physics from the University of Colorado, Boulder; and a BS in Physics from the University of Iowa.