Jasmina Jovanovic is a Solution Architect at Manifold, where she works closely with life sciences customers and designs solutions that meet their complex requirements.

Prior to Manifold, Jasmina held various data engineering roles at Ascension and UT Dell Medical School. Most recently, she was a Sr. Data Architect at the Comprehensive Fetal Care Center at UT Austin, where she was responsible for managing complex clinical practice data. She worked on consolidating data from different EHR sources into a central warehouse to aid clinicians’ access to data, as well as improve practice management and growth. Before Ascension, Jasmina was a DevOps Engineer, followed by Product Owner at athenahealth, where she led the development of self-serve IaaS portal to help accelerate development teams.

Jasmina has an MS in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology, and a Professional Certificate in Data Analysis and Visualization from The University of Texas at Austin. She is currently working on her MS in Biomedical Informatics from the University of Texas Health Science Center.