Jakov Kucan

Senior Architect, Data Engineering

Dr. Jakov Kucan is a Senior Architect, Data Engineering, at Manifold. In this capacity, he assists in project delivery for our clients. He understands at a deep level that realizing business value from AI applications means integrating those application into production systems. He helps our clients think through and engineer AI solutions as part of their broader production systems.

Prior to Manifold, Jakov was Chief Architect at Kyruus, a venture-backed software company that offers a data-driven platform to better match patients and physicians. The platform he helped architect consisted of a data pipeline that aggregated over 1000 healthcare data sources (both batch and streaming), cleansed the data, used entity resolution and rule-based techniques to combine data, and then provided a large-scale infrastructure for doing data science as well as search, and relational queries. Before his time at Kyruus, Jakov was Director of Product Strategy at PTC Mathcad, where he was responsible for product strategy, architecture, design and development.

Jakov is a skilled architect and engineer, able to see through the details of implementations, keep track of the dependencies within a large design, and communicate the vision and ideas to both technical and non-technical audience. While his academic background and career has focused on the theoretical side of things, in his commercial career he has built real-world software products and systems—the combined breath and depth of his experiences has prepared him to be a strong contributor to our team.

“Underneath all the hype,” he says, “there are really powerful capabilities of this technology that allow companies to do things that they could not even imagine doing few years ago. Helping our clients do that, I really feel I have the power to make an impact.”

Jakov earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), as well as his Master of Arts degree in Mathematics and Bachelor of Science and Engineering degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. He has been a co-inventor of multiple patent applications, including this one for a “System and method for maintaining the genealogy of documents”, as well as author of several publications.



Strata NY Efficient ML Engineering: Tools and Best Practices Sept. 23–26
New York, NY