George Erickson

Staff Data Engineer

George Erickson is a Staff Data Engineer at Manifold, where he works with our customers to help drive the architecture for data pipelines, as well as working with customer teams to develop strong strategies with their software architecture. George has experience handling challenges at scale and is well-versed in identifying potential pitfalls. Recent product successes include design reviews of systems built on AWS, and helping with Apache Spark pipeline optimization for a medical device company.

Prior to Manifold, George was a Software Engineer at DataDog, where he was a founding member of the metrics aggregation team and used a variety of tools, including Python, C++, and Apache Kafka. He worked on high performance distributed systems, including the database that powers DataDog’s distributed quantiles feature. Previously, he was a Senior Software Engineer Swenson He, where he designed and built the distributed systems behind large IoT and iOS apps. He was also CTO of Drinkin, where he built a custom e-commerce site and routing optimization engine using Postgres and Golang.

George has a BS in Computer Science from MIT.