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Elan Stopnitzky is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Manifold, where he is responsible for designing and implementing machine learning systems that can operate at scale. This entails experimenting with different machine learning models, writing and deploying Python code, and setting up AWS infrastructure with our customers.

Prior to Manifold, Elan was a Data Scientist in Biochemistry at Naring Health, Inc. While he was there, he created a state-of-the-art model for single-target protein binding prediction, which was used to source new candidate therapeutics for a variety of diseases. Before that, he was a Machine Learning Scientist at Nom Nom, where he built a cutting-edge, custom neural network model to profile the abundances of different taxa in the gut microbiome to better understand the effects of its composition on health.

Elan has a BA in Mathematics and a BS in Physics from University of California, Santa Cruz, and a PhD in Theoretical Physics from University of Hawaii at Manoa.