Dragos Velicanu

Senior Data Engineer

Dragos Velicanu, PhD, is a Senior Data Engineer at Manifold, where he builds production-level ETL pipelines, and designs and implements new systems that can scale with large amounts of data. Dragos has a strong background in particle physics research, analysis, software engineering, and data processing workflows. Recent product successes include using Python, MySQL, and SQLAlchemy to detect and reject duplicate records for a payer data platform company; and building a system to update entity attributes for a pharmaceutical company.

Prior to Manifold, Dragos was a Data Engineering Fellow at Insight Data Science, where he built an ETL pipeline combining blockchain data from a variety of sources and formats into a MySQL and distributed JSON database and analysis framework with real-time data updates. His work is featured in Insight's new Decentralized Consensus Initiative. While in graduate school at MIT, Dragos performed research on relativistic heavy ion collisions at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. He was responsible for many of their large-scale data-processing efforts, processing hundreds of terabytes of data.

Dragos has a BS in Applied Physics and minor in Computer Science from Columbia University; he has a PhD in Physics from MIT.