Dragos Velicanu

Senior Data Engineer

Dragos Velicanu is a Senior Data Engineer at Manifold. In this capacity, he builds production-level ETL pipelines, and designs and implements new systems that can scale with large amounts of data. Dragos has a strong background in particle physics research, analysis, software engineering, and data processing workflows.

Prior to Manifold, Dragos was a Data Engineering Fellow at Insight Data Science, where he built an ETL pipeline combining blockchain data from a variety of sources and formats into one unified database and analysis framework with real time data updates. His work is featured in Insight's new Decentralized Consensus Initiative.

While in graduate school at MIT, Dragos performed research on relativistic heavy ion collisions at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. There, he built low latency pipelines that analyzed data right as it was collected, in order to catch mistakes and do validation in as short a timescale as possible. He was responsible for many of their large scale data processing efforts, processing hundreds of terabytes of data.

At Manifold, Dragos looks forward to continuing his professional growth. “Every day I feel like I am learning something new, doing work that provides clear value to Manifold or its clients.” He is also excited to work with our dedicated team “It is very satisfying to be surrounded by very friendly, passionate, and experienced coworkers.”

When he's not working on machine learning, Dragos can be found playing board games, sailing or hiking in remote destinations, and zooming around in his newly converted electric bike.

Dragos earned his PhD in Physics from MIT, along with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics from Columbia University and a minor in Computer Science.