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Daniel Robert is a Software Engineering Architect at Manifold, where he leads project teams building quality systems meeting complex requirements across a variety of industries. He has extensive experience with SaaS product development and enabling teams.

Prior to Manifold, Daniel was Senior Director of Engineering and Cloud Architect at Teikametrics, where he helped scale the engineering team from 10 to 50 engineers across the globe, scaled the initial product offering through four years of growth, and designed a new, service-based architecture for the next phase of growth. He also spent several years at Tripadvisor subsidiary SmarterTravel as a Principal Software Engineer and Tech Lead. There, he worked on a variety of projects, including modernizing their most legacy stack to a modern Spring Boot ReactJS/Redux system, translating several properties and services into nine languages, and re-engineering the company’s central ‘locations’ service.

Daniel has a BS in Computer Science from Oregon State University.