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Manifold Welcomes Rachel Lomasky to the Team

Manifold Welcomes Meghan Blanchette to the Team

Manifold Welcomes Michael Stefferson to the Team

Manifold Welcomes Dragos Velicanu to the Team

Using Dask in Machine Learning: Preprocessing

How to Apply and Optimize Your Algorithm When You're Ready to Run With AI

Walking With AI: How to Spot, Store and Clean the Data You Need

This Is How to Get Started With AI When the Only Thing You Know Is the Acronym

Your Project Needs a Data Readiness Audit

We Need to Build Interactive Computer Vision Systems

How to Quickly Build a Gesture Recognition System

Efficient Data Engineering

Using Dask in Machine Learning: Best Practices

Before Optimizing Industrial Equipment with AI, Optimize Your Data

Incremental Synchronization: Replicating Actions vs. State

How to Get Started with Machine Learning — For Executives and Engineers

Exploration vs. Exploitation in Reinforcement Learning

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Could Boost the Success of Your Business

2018 Proved that Computer Vision is the Most Powerful Manifestation of AI

Preparing Your Data for Predictive Analytics

More Patient Information Can Lead To Better Care. Here's How To Get It Without Paying Too Much.

Manifold Welcomes Joseph Goldbeck to the Team

Manifold Welcomes Dr. Jakov Kucan to the Team

Intimidated by AI? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions, And You’re Halfway to Implementation

Lean AI: A 6-Step Guide to Making a Tangible Business Impact as Efficiently as Possible

Custom Loss Functions for Gradient Boosting

Manifold Welcomes Martin Davy to the Team

How to Meet Patient Demand for AI in Health Care

Manifold Welcomes Jason Carpenter to the Team

Manifold Welcomes Matyas Tamas to the Team

Manifold Welcomes Julie Steele to the Team

Manifold Welcomes Prince Grover to the Team

Applications of Matrix Decompositions for Machine Learning

Manifold Welcomes Tameez Sunderji to the Team

A Python Toolkit for Docker-First Data Science

Manifold Welcomes Wassaf Farooqi to the Team

Manifold Welcomes Alexander Ng to the Team

Manifold Welcomes Vinay Seth Mohta as CEO

Let the AI Revolution Begin

Vivek Mohta is Chief Business Officer at Manifold

Manifold Welcomes Dr. Surya Ganguli as an Advisor

Manifold Welcomes Dr. Demba Ba as an Advisor

Rajendra Koppula is Director of Machine Learning at Manifold

Sourav Dey is CTO at Manifold

Distance Matrix Vectorization Trick

Sensor Edge Finding at Cortex

Data Science at Cortex

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