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3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Could Boost the Success of Your Business

Posted by Vivek Mohta on Jan 4, 2019 7:00:00 AM
Vivek Mohta
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As the artificial intelligence field continues to grow, businesses across the country have found that techniques are coming out of the research lab and into the applied realm to benefit their operations.

Recently, Boston Medical Center implemented predictive analytics into its system to determine staffing during the hospital’s busiest hours. Armed with this information, the center is able to adequately staff various areas of the hospital to ensure patients receive timely treatment. This technology doesn’t just stop the hospital from being short-staffed — it drastically improves the efficiency and response time for every patient.

Netflix and other entertainment sites commonly take advantage of this technology by suggesting shows for users to watch based on a variety of behavioral factors.

With AI, businesses such as these have the power to measure and collect data, recognize patterns, and make inferences. This vastly improves the cloud experience for businesses and their customers.

AI grows in scope by the year, and there are countless possibilities that business can take advantage of. It’s crucial for you to find out the areas in which you need the most focus and then go after the AI-based tools and skills that’ll ensure success. Here are three ways AI can help if you’re looking to expand your business’s capabilities.


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Topics: AI at the edge, Computer vision, Data engineering

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