Financial Data, Accelerated

Manifold designs, builds, deploys, and manages complex data and machine learning applications for leading Banking & Financial Services companies.

quotationManifold achieved in 3 months and a team of 4 what could have taken 12 months and a team of 10. They have a unique ability to navigate the maze of product and architecture decisions for AI products.

Global 500 Electronics Conglomerate

Key Team Members

Our team has a track record at companies like Google, HubSpot, Kayak, Qualcomm, Marqeta, and Uber. We speak at a variety of industry events—including Strata, ODSC, and Enterprise Data World—and have been featured in publications such as Entrepreneur, TheNextWeb, ReadWrite, and KD Nuggets.


Director, Product

  • Director Product Management, Marqeta
  • Director Platform Strategy, Mashery
  • Senior Product Manager, Rovi
  • Consultant, PA Consulting Group
  • BS, EECS – MIT


How We Harness 10x Engineering

Software product development is often described as a decision maze of product-market and technology choices. A 10x engineer is able to expertly navigate that maze.


How We Produce Results with Lean AI

At its core, Lean AI is a set of mental models that help teams work together smoothly to deliver business value faster when implementing AI in their organization.


How We Work with Clients

We can help accelerate your data projects. See how working with us reduces risk substantially, and explore what a project with Manifold looks like day to day.


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