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Ashwin Patil is a Senior MLOps Engineer at Manifold, where he builds machine learning (ML) infrastructure and collaborates with our ML team to identify customers’ business goals, as well as identify which MLOps tools and best practices will achieve those goals reliably and efficiently.

Prior to Manifold, Ashwin was a DevOps Engineer at Wells Fargo, where he designed and implemented a PySpark data pipeline to resolve the Data Analytics team’s migration issues when changing databases from SQL to NoSQL. He also managed and enhanced Python CRUD APIs for Wells Fargo’s Wholesale Customer Onboarding Application, used by Wells Fargo bankers to onboard new small business owner accounts. Prior to that, he was a Data Engineer for where he architected an end-to-end system using tools like Docker and Airflow to support data cleansing, transformation, and validation, improving data access for application engineers and data scientists.

Ashwin has a BA from Mumbai University, Mumbai, and a MS in Computer Applications from CMJ University.