Anish Dalal

Machine Learning Engineer

Anish Dalal is a Machine Learning Engineer at Manifold, where he prototypes new algorithms and delivers solutions to production using tools such as Python and the AWS suite. He is well-versed in the various levels of the machine learning software stack, and collaborates closely with our data and software engineers. Recent product successes include using Python, SQL, AWS Lambda, and AWS Step Functions to create a nightly ETL process for a networking hardware company; and putting an end-to-end machine learning pipeline into production for a medical device company.

Prior to Manifold, Anish earned his graduate degree in data science. While doing so, he developed an end-to-end 3D image segmentation pipeline using deep learning and convolutional neural networks; this pipeline allowed physicians to assess patient safety by measuring the volume of brain ventricles. He also implemented a text classification pipeline to predict cancer patient survival from clinical, imaging, and pathology notes.

Before his graduate work, Anish was a Software Engineer at GenomOncology, a company that develops software-based support for oncologists. There, he worked on a variety of health-related projects, including a Python and Django-based REST API that aggregated clinical trials and therapy recommendations for cancer patients, based on the type of cancer and genetic mutations.

Anish has a BS in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Virginia, and a MS in Data Science from the University of San Francisco.