Alexander Ng

Director, Infrastructure & Devops

Alexander Ng is a Director at Manifold, where he leads an engineering team spanning software back-end, DevOps, and applications (SoDA). He specializes in leveraging infrastructure-as-code, containerization, and AWS serverless technologies to build software products that are scalable, highly-available, performant, and maintainable. Recent product successes include an end-to-end, automated model development and deployment infrastructure for a public company; a HIPAA-compliant data science environment in the cloud for a public health IT company; and predictive customer analytics tools for an ecommerce company.

Prior to Manifold, Alex was a DevOps Tech Lead for Kyruus, a startup that builds SaaS products for enterprise healthcare organizations. He was responsible for building HIPAA-compliant infrastructure in AWS, building health and performance monitoring systems for deployed products, and building internal deployment tools for the engineering team. While at Kyruus, Alex also served as a Sales Engineering Tech Lead—his full-stack view of technology enabled him to work directly with prospects and customers to determine the best solutions to their challenges. Alex built his foundation as a Software Systems Engineer at the MITRE Corporation, where he worked on a mobile security team, and at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, RI, where he worked on submarine simulation systems.

Alex has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Boston University. He is also an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and AWS Certified Developer.



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