Alex LaRue

Senior Data Engineer

Alex LaRue is a Senior Data Engineer at Manifold. In this capacity, he builds distributed ETL systems across a range of platforms and technologies, and ensures our clients’ data solutions are production ready.

Prior to Manifold, Alex was a Software Engineer at InterSystems, a company that offers a database and integration system. Their products are used in a variety of businesses, but are most often found in healthcare. While at Intersystems, Alex first focused on analytics—he worked on a query engine for OLAP cubes and the ETL process that built those cubes. From there, he moved onto to databases and connectivity libraries for languages like Java and C#.

At Manifold, he looks forward to taking his database related experience and focusing on solving business problems for clients using a wide variety of cutting edge tools. He’s excited that problem solving here is a combination of technical work and strategic thinking—and that everyone is encouraged to contribute on both levels. “I know that the work I do here will be meaningful to each client.”

He is eager to work more closely with the Manifold team. “Everyone on this team is generous with their time and knowledge in a way that makes coming into work an exciting opportunity to grow.”

Alex earned his BA Philosophy from UCLA. He studied Computer Science at Tufts University.

When not working on machine learning, Alex can be found playing his guitar, learning more about synthesizers, hiking, and keeping the plants on his porch alive.