Alex LaRue

Senior Data Engineer

Alex LaRue is a Senior Data Engineer at Manifold, where he builds distributed ETL systems across a range of platforms and technologies, and ensures our customers’ data solutions are production-ready. He is well-versed in a range of modern, cloud-oriented data tools—from Spark for data processing, to Kubernetes for infrastructure, to the AWS suite. Recent project successes include using Python and Airflow to build a data pipeline for a payer data platform company.

Prior to Manifold, Alex was a Software Engineer at InterSystems, a company that offers a database and integration system. There, he worked on a query engine for OLAP cubes as well as the ETL process that built those cubes. He also worked with databases and connectivity libraries for languages like Java and C#.

Alex has a BA in Philosophy from UCLA. He studied Computer Science at Tufts University.